pony sneakers

The original sneakers designed for real people.

PRO 80

The Pro 80 was released in 1983 at a time when white leather was commonly used in the athletic footwear industry. Its silhouette was inspired by the 1979 PONY Pro-Model endorsed by Michael Jordan’s favorite player, David Thompson. The Pro 80 is now updated with a revamped outsole and new colorways.


Topstar is the staple trademark of PONY. Originally named the Starter, this signature model was released in 1975. Its clean aesthetics makes it a versatile shoe which goes well with any look.

city wings

The popularity of the City Wings skyrocketed when pocket dynamite, Spud Webb, wore the low-cut version of the sneakers en route to winning the 1986 NBA Slam Dunk Competition. Featuring ’City Wings’ stamped on the tongue and sides, it is one of the most recognizable basketball sneakers. A true collectible with a genuine backstory!

vintage slamdunk

Vintage Slamdunk’s design epitomizes the early basketball sneaker aesthetics. The new update features a lean, deconstructed silhouette as well as a unique sturdy rubber toe bumper.


Slamdunk is a classic court sneaker first introduced in 1988. Simple and modest, it is a timeless piece that will never go out of style


The M100 was a new series of footwear introduced by PONY in the 80s, featuring an intricate design on the brand’s signature basketball silhouette. It comes in an upper which is layered with ventilated side panels, molded eyelets and a linear motion logo.


The M110 is a great follow up to the M100, with added elements showing through the molded pieces and retro-technical outsole.


PONY Shooter is the pioneer of canvas basketball sneakers. It features an iconic rubber toe cap and vulcanized bottom. The Shooter is a classic; NBA players in the 70’s including Bob McAdoo, Earl Monroe and Darryl Dawkins wore it.


The sneaker touted to be as tough and resilient as New Yorkers themselves. Takeithome features a matte rubber tip for extra protection. The heel clip promises durability while the vulcanized synthetic outsole offers enhanced traction.


TrackitBack is the unfailing weatherproof boots of NYC. The metallic eyelets and matte black rubber tip epitomize resilience for the city streets and versatility during seasonal changes. Featuring a heavily-padded upper and a vulcanized synthetic outsole for more traction, TrackitBack balances a unique blend of durability, comfort and grit.


“Pound the streets, touch the sky.” PONY Linebacker was originally released in 1983 and endorsed by the NFL. Released in the colorways of every team in the league, it featured a fold-over tongue emblazoned with PONY and NFL logos. The Linebacker was recently updated for a more contemporary look.


As a forward-thinking brand that respects its heritage, the PONY Racer is a hybrid between athletic and casual footwear.

mexico 77

Mexico 77 is one of PONY’s original kicks. The prominent chevron marks both the inner and outer sides of the shoe. Constructed of soft leather, composite fabric and a molded EVA footbed, this running-inspired athletic shoe is lightweight, stable and comfortable.