do you platform

Coined by Ricky Powell, street photographer and all-round individualist, this is PONY’s platform where we collaborate and showcase the talents of one-of-a-kind individuals, creatives and key opinion leaders. Individuals that embody PONY’s DNA, whose interest are as diverse as their lifestyle: music, fashion, street art, sports, photography etc

“I’ve always believed in creating your own universe. ‘Do You’ means a lot to me. I believe in being yourself, not following or imitating trends. ‘Do You’ means ‘Be You’ and that means love yourself. Do not be afraid to be yourself and you will shine and be respected.”

April 28, 2017
we are #thenextus
April 28, 2017
PONY x Ronnie Fieg
Footwear and fashion designer, Ronnie Fieg, dug into PONY’s silhouette archives, the M100, to...