Coined by Ricky Powell, street photographer and all-round individualist, this is PONY's platform where we collaborate and showcase the talents of one-of-a-kind individuals, creatives and key opinion leaders. Individuals that embody PONY's DNA, whose interest are as diverse as their lifestyle: music, fashion, street art, sports, photography etc "I’ve always believed in creating your own universe. ‘Do You’ means a lot to me. I believe in being yourself, not following or imitating trends. ‘Do You’ means ‘Be You’ and that means love yourself. Do not be afraid to be yourself and you will shine and be respected."

Since its inception in 1972, PONY is the definitive Product of New York. Built for the city where it was founded and the hardworking everyday New Yorker with big dreams and inspiring go-getter attitude. The desire to succeed and determination to push forward while challenging the status quo is embodied in the distinctive PONY chevron. Over the years, PONY has produced real game-changers in the sneaker scene. Every release, from the legendary Topstar to the old school Pro 80 and Vintage Slamdunk, have been timeless classics leaving a mark on the world. Today, PONY seeks to be the choice for millennials. Always seeking to take their ambitions to the next level, they are visionaries when it comes to style, fashion and attitude. Millenials exude confidence living in the present with the remarkable ability to leave a stamp in the future while respecting tradition and history. With this and more than ever, PONY is cementing its relevance in being a part of history, the present and future. With confidence, we can today achieve what we desire tomorrow. The future is now. We are #TheNextUs.

With shared values of blue-collar ethics and a love for artistry, a dynamic collaboration between PONY and Art Comes First was destined to happen with Vintage Slamdunk and Linebacker.